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Message from MD Program Coordinator

MD Program Coordinator : Dr. Tetsuya Nagasaka

Tohoku Univiersity
Dean of Engineering,
Professor of Metallurgy

The objective of the MD Program is to cultivate human resources through creating materials leaders whose understanding of materials is based on a diverse range of perspectives and a firm grasp of the fundamentals of material science.  When combined with extensive research experience, these leaders will be able to envision how their concepts of materials for the future will change society and to bring about those changes. As used in this program, the term “multi-dimensional” (MD) refers to the extensive, panoramic perception of materials through such dimensions such as the characteristics of materials, material processes, environmental compatibility, economics, safety, and assessment techniques. In order to train such multidimensional thinkers, a comprehensive education program has been designed which integrates materials science into the basic infrastructure of both science and engineering. The knowledge gained through the learning of through the learning of mathematics, chemistry, and physics will be balanced by an understanding of how to apply that knowledge to industry and to contribute to the forging of future society. Through the inclusion of humanities and social science subjects, including pharmaceutics, environmental science, economics, and philosophy, we aim to cultivate broad-thinking leaders who will be strong assets in the industrial world. Because materials science and engineering at Tohoku University is the most advanced in the world, there are already a variety of international exchange programs, classes taught in English, and international and corporate internships in place.  It is our strongest expectation that MD Program graduates will go into industry confident and ready to make their mark on the world.  Students will be chosen from applicants both from within Japan and from abroad who demonstrate strong leadership potential and an aptitude to learning in this multidimensional program. We anticipate that those who complete this program will naturally develop a global sensibility. It is my hope that many materials science geniuses will come knocking on the door of the MD Program.